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The Many Advantages to Coin Collecting

Being a collector is a wonderful hobby for people. In fact, people across the globe collect everything from toy trains, dolls and bottle caps, to antiques jewelry, and rare coins. Some even collect the more exotic items such as rare documents, animals, plants or artifacts. There are many reasons people are collectors. There are those people who collect for the enjoyment and the thrill of finding unique treasures, while other collectors collect specialty items for fascination and to earn money. No matter what the reason is, becoming a collector can be an exciting hobby or profession.

Coin Collecting

rare coins
Sarasota Rare Coin can appraise &
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One of the most popular forms of collecting throughout the U.S., is coin collecting. There are a few good reasons for this. The first reason is, starting out as a coin collector can be as easy as finding a few unique coins in your pocket change. The second reason is, coin collecting generally affords collectors some certainty that their coin will maintain a decent value or will grow in value over time. Lastly, many collectors enjoy the thrill of having a tangible part of yesterday’s rich past that they can call their own.

Common & Rare Coins

For the novice collector, there are the more common coins that people love to collect and find such as: the Buffalo Nickel, the Indian Penny, and the Silver Dollar. In contrast, the specialized collector often looks for the more unique pieces such as; the Two Cent Coin, the Half Dime, or the Twenty Cent piece. The professional collectors often seek out any of the more rare colonial coins and ancient coins that are often highly prized by collectors. They are more often very difficult to find and rare coins.

Sarasota Rare Coin Gallery

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For more information on the rare coins they carry, customers can go to: In addition, clients who are looking to find out more about rare coin collecting, or who wish to know more about buying or selling collectible coins are encouraged to contact the store directly. Our local phone contact number is 941-366-2191. For those people wanting to contact us from out of the area, they can call toll free 1-800 447-8778. You can also reach Sarasota Rare Coin by email at The coin store gallery store address is: 640 South Washington Blvd., Sarasota , FL US 34236.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Rare Coin Collecting: An Investment in History

People love to collect items. Many items that are in collections only have sentimental value and really have no value financially. There is something that has sentimental value, historical value, and financial value that is very fun and satisfying to collect: Rare Coins. No matter the circumstances, rare coins will always have value. They are great to collect and will be valued for years to come. It makes good sense to collect items that will hold or gain value, and you will have that comfort when collecting rare coins.


rare coins
Rare coins are not only beautiful,
they can be very valuable
Rare coins are a great way to decorate in your home. When family or friends come to visit, they will be hard-pressed to sit down, as they will want to look at your curio cabinets and wall hangings that showcase your fabulous collection of coins that have not been seen for years. You can find many coins that were minted years ago that look as if they were just made yesterday. The questions will come and you will be able to tell stories of how the Buffalo nickle was designed. You may be asked how many years the Morgan Dollar was in circulation and you can tell how cowboys would sit at poker tables with their Morgan Dollars. You may even have some of the coins of ancient Rome and other empires that will amaze all the people you know as they gaze upon them. They will be astonished at your expertise.

Your Legacy : Rare Coins Make Memories & Build Relationships

collecting rare coins Many of us think about what are we leaving our loved ones when we pass on. Rare coins are a great way to leave your legacy and memory intact with the ones you love. You will know that they will be fine even if the economy goes sour, because the rare coins you invested in will have gained value and will be a safety net for them in an emergency. Many of the rare coins that you invest in will be sealed in airtight canisters and graded by the top-of-the-line grading firms. Their value will rise and your memory will always be with them when they look upon the rare coins you left them. There are many different types of rare coins and many are made with the precious metals that have been rising in value. You can get gold coins and silver coins and we all know that these two precious metals will always hold much value in human existence.

Your Trusted Authority on Rare Coins

There is a company who you can trust to give you the best deals and advice on your collection of rare coins. Sarasota Rare Coin Gallery in Sarasota, Florida has been buying and selling rare coins for decades. They are a very trusted company and they offer services unmatched by any others. They will make sure you are getting the best coin for your coin collection and they can even attend auctions on your behalf to get the exact coin you desire. Visit Sarasota Rare Coin at this website: or even just come into their store at 640 South Washington Blvd. just North of the #301 and #41 split. You can call anytime too. Just dial 941-366-2191 or 800 447-8778 or email Sarasota Coin at Start investing now and watch your rare coin collection grow along with your knowledge about past history.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Historical Money: Road-map of History

Historians sometime overlook the importance and value of money throughout history. The trade of precious metal, paper, gold coins, or silver coins for goods and services dates back at least five thousand years. Historical money is a good way to track the rise and fall of various civilizations throughout the course of humanity. It is also a wonderful hobby that you can share with family and other collectors to collect historical coins and historical money.

Ancient Money

Many civilizations have used some form of money for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, for example, measured out precious metals by balancing them against weight. The Aztecs created a system of trade using cocoa beans. The ever industrious Chinese used dowry shells that eventually evolved in to metal pieces resembling the modern coins in use today. The form of currency for these cultures come close to what is known now as ‘money,’ but there still needed to be a bit of currency evolution.

The First Modern Coins

The evolution of modern coins started in around 500 BC in the Mediterranean. Empires such at the city-states in Greece, Alexander’s Macedonia, and the Roman Empire all used round metal pieces imprinted with Emperors and gods. The difference between these coins and the earlier Chinese coins is the metal used. The Chinese coins tended to use whatever metal was available. The newer money used previous metals like gold and silver to produce gold coins and silver coins. This created a value for the money beyond what was dictated by the government. 

Paper Money

historical money
Pre-Civil War Check 1859-1860
The Chinese were also the first to use paper money. From the Ninth to the Fourteenth Century, a system of using paper to represent wealth became widely used in the Chinese empire. When the Mongols came to power, they kept the idea of paper money, calling the pieces ‘silk notes.’ Paper money so impressed the explorer Marco Polo that he wrote about it in his book on the area. Unfortunately, these practices of using paper money lead to extreme inflation and he devaluing of the bills. All use of paper money in China disappeared by 1455. 

A Trail Through History

historcal coins money
1904-1930's Coin Postcard 
The evolution of money occurs with the rise and fall of empires and societies. Keeping track of historical money is a duty that too many historians take lightly. With every discovery of gold coins, silver coins, metal, and paper money, we begin to understand history just a bit more. The average person can help keep history alive by buying and trading these historical artifacts. The history of a country can be found in the hills and ground all around us. These coins can be artifacts of historical times, like the money from the American Civil War or a time before World War II. Collectors and history buffs from around the world will pay good money for these prizes, keeping history alive for all of us. 

Sarasota Rare Coin Gallery is a full service coin dealer that is certified by many numismatic quality regulators and have over 40 years of combined experience. Not only do they deal in rare coins, but they offer several services like auction representation, want lists, bullion sales, paper money, ancient money, historical money, and much more! Visit their beautiful showroom in Sarasota, Florida at 640 South Washington Blvd., just north of the 301 and 41 split. If you have questions, or just want to talk about coins, feel free to call them at (941)-366-2191 or at (800) 447-8778. Sarasota Rare Coin Gallery can also be reached by email at 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Tips on How To Check If It’s Silver

Being able to tell if a coin is actual silver or not is extremely important for collectors. Even people who are not collectors, but enjoy coins & rare coins can see the benefit of being able to tell if a coin is silver. Too many times have honest individuals been swindled by fakes and non-authentic coins. In fact, there is a whole industry of those who devote their time to producing and making money off of fake coins. Protect yourself with the following tips on how to check if it’s real silver coins.

First, check the details of the coin itself and the mint date. Many times, the fraudulent coin will have the details the way they should be. An example that many dealers like to point out is the coin’s reeding. Does the coin have reeded edges when it should not or vice versa? Also, does the reeded edge just not look right? These are warning signs that the silver coins might be fake and should be examined by a reputable dealer.

Checking the mint date of a coin is equally important. This is another detail that most counterfeiters will not get correct. The date of the coin is a detail that can easily be checked and verified. First, you can visit a reputable coin dealer, such as Kent Gulley from Sarasota Rare Coin Gallery. Any dealer worth their salt will be able to spot a counterfeit coin after properly examining it.  You can also check this detail yourself. All that is required is for you to visit the CoinTrackers or the United States Mint website for more information.

These are just a few of the tips a person can utilize to check if their coin is silver. There are many more useful tips which we will be exploring over the next few weeks. In the coin industry, it is vital for the buyer to be armed with knowledge to protect themselves for fraud and fraudulent coins. Coin collecting is a favorite hobby and wonderful past time for many and I hope that one day collectors will not have to worry about counterfeiters.

Sarasota Rare Coin Gallery is located in sunny Sarasota, Florida at 640 South Washington Boulevard just north of the 301 and 41 spilt. A full service coin dealer, they have complete knowledge of all things relating to coins. Some of their many services include silver & gold coins, auction representation and want lists, dealing in bullion, rare coins, modern coins and much more! They can be contacted by phone at 941-366-2191 or 800-447-8778. By email they can be reached at

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The very best ways to invest in gold!

The best dollar hedge investment is going to be gold. Buying and selling in gold through possession in the metal itself, mutual funds, or gold mining stock provides the most direct counter for the dollar. Since the dollar falls, gold will ultimately rise. In just a moment, we’ll provide you with a number of ways for positioning your portfolio to gain knowledge from the bull market in gold. For the moment, we stress the top chance of gold’s future. The particular chance of profits in later on and decades will not be located in the traditional American blue nick industry. That's a fiscal dinosaur that could forget about compete on earth market.

You will find several choices.

Inside the following post, you’ll uncover five methods to purchase gold. Based on your height of market experience and understanding of products, one of these brilliant will probably be best for you.

1. Direct possession. There is nothing beats gold gold, the very best expression of pure value. Previously, many cultures have recognized the permanence of gold’s value. For example, Egyptian cultures hidden huge amounts of gold with deceased pharaohs in the truth that they'd be capable of put it to use inside the afterlife. Great wars were fought against against, among another reasons, to pillage stores of gold. Why the allure? The answer: Gold is usually the only money, which is value can not be changed or controlled by government fiat-the particular cause of government government bodies to go to in the defacto standard, sadly.Gold’s value will rise using the pure forces of supply and demand, no matter what Mr. Greenspan decrees regarding interest levels or dollars in circulation. The big trouble with having gold is it features a inclination to conduct business having a large spread between bid and ask for prices. So don’t be ready to turn a fast profit. You’ll buy at retail and then sell at wholesale, so you’ll need a large cost jump only to break even. However, you should not view gold just like a speculative resource, but a defensive resource for holding value. As the dollars will probably fall in value, gold may be the finest place to preserve value. The most effective forms for gold possession are through minted coins: one-ounce South African Krugerrands, Canadian Walnut Leafs, or American Eagles.

2. Gold exchange-exchanged funds. The present explosion in return exchanged funds (ETFs) presents an infinitely more interesting method to purchase gold. An ETF is really a type of mutual fund that trades around the stock exchange being an regular stock. The ETF’s exact portfolio is bound in advance and does not change. Thus, the two gold ETFs that exchange the united states . States both hold gold gold their only resource. You'll be able to locate these two ETFs beneath the symbol “GLD” (for your streetTRACKS Gold Trust) and “IAU” (for your iShares COMEX Gold Trust). Either ETF supplies a practical approach to hold gold inside an investment portfolio.

3. Gold mutual funds. For individuals who're unwilling to purchase physical gold, but nevertheless desire some connection with the platinum, gold mutual funds provide a helpful alternative. These funds hold investment investment portfolios of gold stocks-that's, the stocks of the kind of Newmont Mining that mine for gold. Newmont is a particualr senior gold stock. A senior can be a large, well-capitalized company which has been around a long time and contains a lucrative history. There is a inclination to own established mines that leave known levels of gold each year. For a number of traders, selection of this kind of customers are an even more moderate or conservative play (versus acquiring cheap shares in fairly youthful companies).

4.  Junior gold stocks. This amount of stock is a lot more speculative. Junior stocks are more unlikely to own productive mines, and can be exploration plays-with greater potential profits but furthermore with and also the greater likelihood of loss. Capital will most likely become more compact than capital in the senior gold stocks. This feature of possibilities is ideal for traders whose risk tolerance is bigger, and who accept the potential for gold-based deficits in exchange for that chance of triple-digit gains.

5.  Gold options and futures. For your modern-day and experienced investor, options let you speculate in gold prices. In the options market, you'll be able to speculate on cost actions in both direction. If you buy a telephone call, you are wanting prices will rise. A telephone call fixes the price and so the greater that cost goes, the greater the margin including the fixed option cost and market cost. By collecting a put, you expect the price to fall. Buying options is harmful, people nowadays lose than win. Really, three-fourths of options bought expire useless. The options companies are complex in addition to experience and understanding. To generalize, options possess two key traits-one bad then one good. The truly amazing trait is that they enable an investor to handle a substantial investment getting a little, and limited, sum of money. Unhealthy trait is always that options expire in the fixed period of time. Thus, for your buyer time might be the enemy because once the expiration date can get closer, an option’s “time value” vanishes. Anybody buying and selling in options must recognize all the risks before they spend cash. The futures companies are far too complex for your huge the majority of traders. Even experienced options traders recognize the top risk character in the futures market. Taking into consideration the plethora of techniques to get to the gold market, futures purchasing and selling is regarded as the complex and, while large fortunes may be made, they can also be lost immediately.

We can not know, predict, or possibly guess, when the demise in the dollar will occur, or how quickly it'll occur. But perform realize it will occur. The tragic mismanagement of monetary policy with the Given on the very long time makes this inevitable.

Eliminating the U.S. economic climate within the defacto standard wasn't essentially a range of short-term effect. Nixon may have seen the move for fixing current economic problems, nevertheless it had extended-lasting impacts: trade deficits, growing federal debt, and also the chance to print money forever making a completely new credit-based economy. Worldwide, your choice through the united states . States virtually forced other major foreign foreign currencies and to trigger the defacto standard.

Any investor who sights the cost-effective situation broadly-both in your area and worldwide-are able to see that the issue here is approaching next. We have postponed the inevitable because China can be a partner inside our financial worries.

Leading the charge is gold. It's ironic that financial policy follows a expected pattern.

Government government bodies overprint money in addition to their currency crashes. Inevitably, they always return to gold, but frequently at great expense with considerable suffering. We uncover inside ourselves another of people moments with time where irresponsible financial policy has put us at risk. But we don't have to basically hold on and wait for demise in the dollar we could make a move now because that demise is fantastic for your portfolio-in the event you position yourself in solid assets rather than in empty fiat promises as well as the bizarre economic premise of U.S. financial policy.

Items or services might be taken proper care of simply with items or services. Currency is not but an IOU, a promissory note that isn't supported with any tangible value. As we achieve our national borrowing limit, financial policy will need to retreat. When that happens, traditional traders in addition to their savings accounts is going to be hit hard. The beneficiary in the falling dollar will be the investor whose holdings stress tangible price of goods: assets and silver and gold.

Monday, July 16, 2012

How to invest in gold - part 2

The second part of our two part post, How to invest in gold. This article covers the various ways you can invest in gold, through purchasing gold coins, gold bullion, and more. This is the smartest way to invest your money.  Now on to part 2 of the post:


A riskier way to invest in gold is through gold-mining stocks. Mining stocks can have as much as a 3-to-1 leverage to gold's spot price to the upside and downside.

Gold miners are risky because they trade with the broader equity market. Some tips to consider when picking gold stocks are to find companies with strong production and reserve growth. Make sure they have good management and inventory supported by either buying smaller-cap companies or by maintaining consistent production.

Global gold production has been declining since 2001, only recently experiencing more juice, and big miners keep their gold reserves flush by buying or partnering with small-cap companies, which are in the exploration or development stage.

Many investors make the mistake of buying small gold miners that are in the exploration phase with no cash flow. Picking among these stocks is like buying a lottery ticket, very few companies actually strike gold and become profitable. Even fewer become takeover targets.

Adam Graf, director of emerging miners for Dahlman Rose & Co., models 50 companies on a forward basis using forward curves. "On a theoretical basis, if gold moved up $100 an ounce, what does the change in the current value do based on what the forward looking cash flow should do."

Another factor to consider when picking gold stocks is how quickly the company will benefit from higher prices. Randgold Resources (GOLD), a miner in Africa, is almost 100% correlated to gold prices. CEO Mark Bristow says that the company benefits from gold prices in almost two days.

You also have to buy the right amount of gold stocks. J.C. Doody, editor of, bets on 10 gold stocks because it allows him to take some risk with explorers or junior miners as well as get the safety from a major.

If you do go the gold stock route, you have to be prepared for the rollercoaster ride.

Leverage swings both ways so if the gold price drops 10%, gold stocks can plummet 20%-30%. Investors often get too spooked too fast and wind up selling out of gold stocks at the wrong time.

There is always time to buy gold, you just have to know your ABCs before you start.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to invest in gold - Part 1

Whenever you buy gold, the first rule of thumb is dollar cost averaging -- putting a fixed amount of money towards gold every month regardless of the price. For the average investor, this strategy spreads risk out over time and lessens the downside.

Most money managers advocate anywhere from 3%-10% in gold. More bullish managers recommend an allocation as high as 20%.

Gold is protection, insurance against inflation, currency debasement, and global uncertainty. Here are four ways you can invest.

1.Gold Bullion

Buy physical gold at various prices: coins, bars and jewelry. Some of the most popular gold coins are American Buffalo, American Eagle and St. Gauden's. You can store gold in bank safety deposit boxes or in your home. You can also buy and sell gold at your local jewelers. Other companies like allow you to store gold with them as well as trade the metal.

When you buy gold coins or bullion, avoid big premiums. You want to buy gold as close to the spot price as possible, or a 10% premium at most. The higher the premium, the higher the gold price will have to rise in order for you to profit.

Coins typically come from the national mint, where they are made and sold at a 4% mark up -- the retailer's margin is 1% to 3%.

To calculate the premium of a gold product, subtract the spot price from the price you are being quoted, divide that number by the spot price and multiply by 100.

Had you purchased a one ounce gold bar at for $1,225.90 -- using a spot price of $1,200 -- the bar has a 2.1% mark-up. This means that the gold price only has to rise 2.1% from spot price levels for you to break even on your investment.

There are other types of ETFs.

If you want the opportunity of redeeming your shares for gold, another option is Sprott Physical Gold Trust ETV (PHYS), which is a closed-end mutual fund that gives investors the option of trading in their shares for 400-ounce gold bars.

The fund can trade at a huge premium or discount to its net asset value at any time and has higher fees, making it more expensive to invest in. An investor can obtain physical gold on the 15th of every month, although the holder has to make transportation and storage arrangements.

There are also two other ETFs to consider. Market Vectors Gold Miners (GDX), a basket of large-cap mining stocks. and Market Vectors Junior (GDXJ), a group of development-stage miners. They both have market caps of $150 million or more and have traded at least 250,000 shares per month for six months.


If you want more risk, try exchange-traded notes, debt instruments that track an index. You give a bank money for an allotted amount of time and, upon maturity, the bank pays you a return based on the performance of what the ETN is based on, in this case the gold futures market. Some of the more popular ones are UBS Bloomberg CMCI Gold ETN (UBG), DB Gold Double Short ETN (DZZ), DB Gold Short ETN (DGZ) and DB Gold Double Long ETN (DGP).

ETNs are like playing the futures market without buying contracts on the Comex. ETNs are flexible, and an investor can trade them long or short, but there is no principal protection. You can lose all your money.